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General Atari 2600 Programming






Assembly Language Programming


















Scanning Tips

Have you ever scanned in a page from an Atari-related magazine or game manual or an ad in a magazine or newspaper and had the other side of the page show through? To fix that ugly problem, slide a piece of black construction paper behind the page when you scan and it will usually make the ghost image disappear like magic. You don't have to cut anything or use tape. Just slide a piece of black construction paper behind the page you want to scan. It's nondestructive, very easy to do, and it should give you a nice clean scan.


Another thing some people get are ugly patterns throughout their images. That's pretty easy to fix too. Just use the built-in Descreen filter that comes with your scanner software. If you don't have that filter, scanning the image at a high resolution, then resizing the image to a smaller width and height with your favorite image editor should get rid of the pattern.


I use a Descreen filter and scan at a high resolution, then resize to make sure my scans look as perfect as possible.

Descreen to remove Moiré Interference






The Fortress of infinitude

Old Fortress of infinitude Logo

This section of my web site is an extension of a silly little Atari 2600 VCS club that I created for me and a couple people I knew back in 1982. That club was called The Fortress of infinitude. I made club membership cards, a few posters, and some T-shirts.


In 1983, The Fortress of infinitude was transformed into a future arcade idea for a school project. The slogan I made up for it was, Warning: Once You Enter, You May Never Want to Leave. The Fortress of infinitude was to be a sanctuary for older games with an infinite supply of new games adding to the list. I liked the idea of a fortress that protected the old games, but had new games coming in all the time. No game would ever be lost. This new F of i was a giant futuristic castle with walls that looked like old stone. The basement would look like a huge cave with realistic looking cave walls and would have indoor miniature golf and a mini-amusement park, including my favorite ride, the Tilt-A-Whirl. Since most people like the look and feel of original arcade and pinball games, The Fortress of infinitude would have many floors dedicated to the games of the late 1970s through the 1980s. It would probably have 2 years of games for each floor.


Not only would there be arcade games on the other floors, but there would be a library of home video games and computer games that people could select from an arcade-game-like control panel. Each player would have credit card sized memory cards that would remember all of their individual game playing information. For example, If you were in the middle of playing a game and you had to leave, the card would remember your place so you could continue playing another day.






Is AtariAge Down?

If AtariAge isn't loading, click the link above and see if it's just you or if the site is down for everyone. If the server isn't responding, you can report it at Facebook or Twitter.


My bB Programs

Buy Seaweed Assault

Stella: Debug Colors Mode

    Toggle Debug Colors Alt + Comma
    Toggle Player0 Alt + z
    Toggle Player1 Alt + x
    Toggle Missile0 Alt + c
    Toggle Missile1 Alt + v
    Toggle Ball Alt + b
    Toggle Playfield Alt + n

For Programmers


If you use Save As before making any significant changes to your program and your latest version won't compile, don't worry. You can use WinMerge to compare the latest file that works with the one that doesn't. You can see the differences and quickly track down the problem.



The best Atari 2600 VCS emulator for testing your games.



Bandicam is the best screen/emulator recording software for making YouTube videos of your games that I have ever tried (I don't have a Mac and I don't use Linux). It really does seem to have less lag (as they claim on their main page). When I start recording video games in Stella with other programs, there is a noticeable, jarring slow down, but not with Bandicam. (When using Stella, remember to press Alt + P to enable the phosphor effect before recording.)


The program makes it very clear what you are going to record. There is no irritating flashing rectangle around the area you're recording and you can easily disable the FPS overlay (under the FPS Tab), so you can record a game you're playing without any irritating distractions.


Unlike some other programs, you won't have to spend time just trying to find the record button. There are no mysteries or weird, complicated problems. It just works.



Create animated GIFs directly from an emulator such as Stella. Using 33 FPS instead of 30 FPS seems to give a smoother result without increasing the file size by a huge amount. Program recommended by walaber. When using Stella, remember to press Alt + P to enable the phosphor effect before recording. You can also use a free online tool to resize your GIFs.


Atari 2600 Label Maker

Produces authentic looking Atari 2600 Labels including the famous "Picture Label" using your own image and title. Related link: Atari Cart & Box Fonts


How to Make an Arrow

If you want to make arrows to point out things in a photo (like the arrows you might see in magazines and Atari game manuals), there are two freeware programs that I know of with that ability:



Makes the kind of arrows you might see in an Atari 2600 game manual. Select the Line Tool and click on the arrow checkbox.



Makes arrows with larger heads. These arrows have nubs that you can grab to deform them. Great for making curved arrows. Select the Line/Curve Tool and choose the type of arrow you want from the Style menu.


For Everybody

Google News: Atari 2600


Google News: Atari 7800


Original Pac-Man Fever Album

YouTube playlist of the real songs from the early 1980s.


Alan: A Video Game Junkie from SNL

Famous video from Saturday Night Live.



Everything Atari.


Rom Hunter's Collection

"The most genuine and best documented Atari 2600 ROM collection in the world."



The most popular Atari 2600 emulator.



A very good emulator that can also be embedded on your own web site so people can play the games you make online. It's much better than JStella.


International Arcade Museum

The place to go to find information about arcade games.


Arcade Flyer Archive

Feel the nostalgia.


Handheld Games Museum

Hunt for pics of your favorite classic handheld games.


Arcade Game Glossary

Common terms specific to arcade games.


Christmas Catalogs

Look at those old pages you use to drool over.


Electronic Games Magazine

Scans of almost every issue of the magazine.


How to Clean Cartridges


#ad Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser

An eraser can be used to clean cartridge contacts too.


How to Clean Equipment

Harmony Cartridge

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