Creating 7800basic Maps With the Tiled App

By Atarius Maximus (adapted by Duane Alan Hahn, a.k.a. Random Terrain)

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I thought I'd review the steps on how to create a tiled background image for use with 7800basic, specifically for a map that will work with the 160A display mode along with 'set doublewide on' in your code. It works great and is a big time saver.


Before you start, all of your graphics should be completed. If you make any changes to your tileset graphics in the future, the changes will automatically be reflected in the map. Tiled does not create an image file, it creates an XML file that maps out and links to the different graphics images that you have. If you dramatically change your graphics images you will have to update your map file (or files).


Before we continue, here's a note from RevEng:



Time for Tiled

First, download the Tiled app.


Once you've installed it, select File->New.

New File

Make sure you select the correct options for your new map. Select an orthogonal orientation, XML format, 20x12 map size, and 8x16 tile size.


Now you're ready to load up your tileset graphics. You can load multiple sets.

Multiple Sets

Click on browse to select your tileset. Make sure you set your options as seen in the screenshot.


Your first tileset is now loaded. I generally increase the size to 400% to make it easier to see.


You can now left click on a tile to use on the map, or hold down the CTRL button and select multiple tiles at a time.

Multiple Tiles

You can now draw on the map screen. If you hold the left button mouse down, you can drag the background tile to fill the map screen.


You can load multiple tilesets (each one will get its own tab). I generally increase the map size to 200% to make it easier to see.


Once you're happy with your map design you can save it as a tmx file and use it in your 7800basic program.


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