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RT's Game Likes and Dislikes

Things I wish and don't wish to see in games.

Opinion page by Duane Alan Hahn.

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Building/Creating [Likes]

I love building things with items that I earn or find. For example, I liked building the bridge in Satan's Hollow.




Multiple Abilities [Likes]

Being able to do different things, such as running, swimming, getting into vehicles, and so on is fun, but I like having the option to choose. I don't really like being forced to swim, walk, drive, or fly during different sections of a game.




Emotional Reactions [Likes]

I like it when enemies seem to have emotional reactions to the things that you do in the game. They might become surprised, nervous, scared, annoyed, angry, vengeful and so on. One guy might chase you for a long time when everyone else would give up.




Intelligent Enemies [Likes]

I like enemies to have some kind of intelligence. They'll use sight, sound, vibration, heat, smell or some combination of those to find you.




Narrow Escapes [Likes] also lists synonyms such as close shave, close call, near miss, near hit, squeak by, squeak through, and so on. I always think it's fun to barely squeak by a ghost monster in Pac-Man or when playing something like a football game where you almost get tackled, but somehow squeeze your way through.




Tribe or Camp Gratitude and Wellbeing [Likes]

If I'm bringing back food or other needed things to my tribe or camp, I'd like some type of emotional reaction. The amount of happiness could be tied to how much an item was needed and maybe how much of it I brought back. The larger the haul, the bigger the reaction.


Related to this subject, the wellbeing of your tribe or camp could be shown in how everything and everybody looks. If things are bad, the place should have a gloomy look and the people will move slower and have a dejected look. If things are great, the place should look bright and shiny and the people should have a pep in their step and appear to be cheerful. See Pointless Hunting and Gathering.




Blowing Up or Smashing Through Walls [Likes]

I like games that have walls that you can blow up or break through in some way, giving you alternate paths. I loved how you could blow a hole in a wall in the Atari 2600 version of Raiders of the Lost Ark. You could use dynamite in H.E.R.O., but it didn't look as cool. I hoped more Atari 2600 games would be made where you could blow a hole in any wall or at least blow up or smash through weak spots.




Traps [Likes]

Sometimes instead of running around shooting at things, I'd rather set traps. For example, setting the various traps in Kagero: Deception II was kind of fun.




Whoops-a-Daisy Enemy Eliminations [Likes]

Getting bad guys to eliminate each other can be fun. For example, an enemy shoots at you and the missile kills another enemy instead of you. And if a bad guy is the kind that blows up, it's fun if his explosion can damage other bad guys if they are near.




Controlled Randomness [Likes]

I like enemies, rooms, treasure, bonus areas, platforms, traps, puzzles and so on to be placed using controlled randomness. If there is a landscape, I like that to also be created using controlled randomness (similar to games like Civilization). I love to explore new territory, hunting for resources and treasure. If there are puzzle elements, I like them to be the kind that can have a different solution each time you play.




Nonlinear [Likes]

I love alternate paths and different ways to do something. You can read more about it here.








Illogical Reincarnation Death Memory [Dislikes]

You shouldn't have to die to learn what is deadly. There should be an indication in the game that something will kill you. You shouldn't only know because you died before. This mostly applies to things like text adventures and action RPGs.





Die and Remember [Dislikes]

I don't like die and remember games. Dying repeatedly until you learn the correct dance steps to beat an enemy is boring. I hated the whole big boss concept. Hit, hit, run away, duck, hit hit, duck, run away . . . YAWN!




Static Action Puzzle Games [Dislikes]

Everything in the same place every time you play is boring to me, so I don't like static action puzzle games. There should be no walkthrough book that you can buy since the game will be different every time you play.




Mucky Mazes [Dislikes]

Mazes in adventure games are nothing but glorified speed bumps. Not my idea of fun. The simple mazes in Pac-Man style games are perfectly fine. I'm talking about the kind of mazes in games such as Atari 2600 Adventure where they seem to be placed in the game just to slow you down and are about as fun as threading a needle. I especially don't like games that give you homework where you have to draw the 3D-style maze you're wandering around in on a piece of paper or you'll be lost in the maze forever.




No Fast Travel [Dislikes]

I don't like fetch quests in modern games with no fast travel. Getting something and dragging it all the way back is BORING. I don't mind hunting for something, but I don't want to walk all the way back with it. I've played modern games where fast travel won't get you close enough and you'll have to walk a fairly long way. It's wasting a player's time for no good reason.




Forced Slow Walking [Dislikes]

I like to move fast. Seems like at least some modern games have horrible forced slow walking. Your character is usually drugged or hurt, but not always. For example, the game Days Gone has forced slow walking during boring flashbacks and usually any time you have to follow a non-player character.




Pointless Hunting and Gathering [Dislikes]

In some modern games I've played such as Days Gone, you can hunt for food and gather plants, but all it mostly seems to do is get you some money and build trust. It doesn't seem to help your people. I'd like the things I bring back to make a real difference and maybe get some appreciation based on how much I helped out. See Tribe or Camp Gratitude and Wellbeing.






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