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Vintage 1981 Bandai Packri Monster

Packri Monster Simulator In Action

On October 21, 2012, I noticed that my link to the Packri Monster Simulator page no longer worked. I went Googling and couldn't find a new web site or a place where you could download the simulator without installing some kind of crappy download client first, so I grabbed Dominique Biesmans' text from the Wayback Machine and put it here along with the game file so people could still download and play it without any hassles. There's no stupid download client that wants you to add toolbars to your browser or something; just simply click and download.


Update: I was contacted by Dominique Biesmans on October 31, 2013 and he thanked me for keeping the Pack Monster Simulator alive. He wasn't aware that anybody would miss it when he removed his site. I replied and got his official permission the next day to keep the Pack Monster Simulator alive.




Pack Monster Simulator by Dominique Biesmans
Text and Pack Monster image below by Dominique Biesmans.

I really enjoy retro gaming, and I very much like and respect the various emulator & simulator projects out there. Simulators are, as opposed to emulators, not emulations of the original hardware, but they try to reproduce or clone the functionality of the original as close as possible, without reproducing the internal workings of the device.


While arcade systems & various consoles are built around well known hardware, and thus candidates for emulation, handheld games are often built around more custom, less documented hardware, and that's why you don't see many emulators for handheld games out there. In fact I know of just one handheld (tabletop actually) game emulator, and that's the emulator for the very rare Adventure Vision from Entex (1982), in the Multiple Emulator Super System, or Mess.


So, for preservation of handheld video games, we have to rely on collectors, and simulators. I have a modest collection myself, but check out the Handheld Games Museum, now that is a collection! (and a great reference).


So, one day I decided to have a go at simulator programming, and the Pack Monster Simulator was born. Check out this description of the real thing (aka Packri Monster, Hungry Monster or Ogre Eater) on the Handheld Games Museum. I tried to make it as closely resembling the real handheld as possible, and have gone a long way to implement every move, cutscene, blink & beep. Here's a screenshot of the simulator in action:


Packri Monster Simulator


This simulator should run on just about any Windows system out there, with at least a 800x600 true color display. (1024x768 for the full console display).


Just download PackMonster1.0b.exe (1.2M) and run it to install the simulator. For those who have seen it before on my old site, there are no real changes for this version (1.0b), I just recompiled and repacked it for a smaller download size.


Posted by Dominique at 10:41 PM, January 31, 2005.







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