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An alphabetical list of unique Atari 2600 NTSC games.

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Below is an alphabetical list of unique Atari 2600 NTSC games that were released in North America between 1977 and 1992. The following are not included: PAL games, contest cartridges, hacks, illegal knockoffs, and repackaged games with different names.



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007, James Bond (Parker Brothers) 1984

3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (Atari) 1980


A Game Of Concentration [original title: Hunt & Score] (Atari) 1978

Activision Decathlon (Activision) 1983

Adventure (Atari) 1980

Adventures of Tron (M Network) 1983

Air Raid (Men-A-Vision) 1982

Air Raiders (M Network) 1983

Air-Sea Battle (Atari) 1977

Airlock (Data Age) 1982

Alien (20th Century Fox) 1982

Alpha Beam with Ernie (Atari) 1983

Amidar (Parker Brothers) 1982

Armor Ambush (M Network) 1982

Artillery Duel (Xonox) 1983

Assault (Bomb) 1983

Asteroids (Atari) 1981

Astroblast (M Network) 1982

Atari Video Cube (Atari) 1983

Atlantis (Imagic) 1982


Bachelor Party (Mystique/PlayAround) 1982

Bachelorette Party (PlayAround) 1983

Backgammon (Atari) 1979

Bank Heist (20th Century Fox) 1983

Barbarian, Tomarc The (Xonox) 1984

Barnstorming (Activision) 1982

[Baseball] Home Run (Atari) 1978

Baseball, Pete Rose (Absolute Entertainment) 1988

Baseball, RealSports (Atari) 1982

Baseball, Super (Atari) 1988

Baseball, Super Challenge (M Network) 1982

Basic Math (Atari) 1977

BASIC Programming (Atari) 1980

Basketball (Atari) 1978

[Basketball] Double Dunk (Atari) 1989

Battlezone (Atari) 1983

Beefsteak Tomatoes, Revenge of the (20th Century Fox) 1983

Beamrider (Activision) 1984

Beany Bopper (20th Century Fox) 1982

Beat ‘Em & Eat ‘Em (Mystique/Playaround) 1982

Berenstain Bears (Coleco) 1984

Bermuda Triangle (Data Age) 1983

Berzerk (Atari) 1982

Big Bird’s Egg Catch (Atari) 1983

Birthday Mania (Personal Games Company) 1984

Blackjack (Atari) 1977

Blueprint (CBS) 1983

BMX Air Master (TNT Games) 1989

Boing! (First Star Software) 1983

Bowling (Atari) 1979

Boxing (Activision) 1980

Boxing, RealSports (Atari) 1987

Brain Games (Atari) 1978

Breakout (Atari) 1978

Bridge (Activision) 1980

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom (Sega) 1983

Bugs (Data Age) 1982

Bump ’n’ Jump (M Network) 1983

Bumper Bash (Spectravideo) 1983

BurgerTime (M Network) 1983

Burning Desire (PlayAround) 1983


Cakewalk (CommaVid) 1983

California Games (Epyx) 1988

Canyon Bomber (Atari) 1979

Carnival (Coleco) 1982

Casino (Atari) 1979

Cathouse Blues (PlayAround) 1983

Centipede (Atari) 1983

Challenge (Zellers) [Converted from PAL to NTSC]

Challenge of Nexar (Spectravision) 1982

Championship Soccer (Atari) 1980

Chase The Chuck Wagon (Ralston Purina) 1983

Checkers (Activision) 1980

Checkers, Video (Atari) 1980

Chess, Video (Atari) 1979

China Syndrome (Spectravision) 1982

Chopper Command (Activision) 1982

Chuck Norris Superkicks (Xonox) 1983

Circus Atari (Atari) 1980

Cobra Strike, G.I. Joe (Parker Brothers) 1983

CocoNuts (Telesys) 1982

Codebreaker (Atari) 1978

Combat (Atari) 1977

Commando (Activision) 1988

Commando Raid (U.S. Games) 1982

Communist Mutants From Space (Starpath) 1982

Concentration, A Game Of [original title: Hunt & Score] (Atari) 1978

Condor Attack (Ultravision) 1982

Congo Bongo (Sega) 1983

Cookie Monster Munch (Atari) 1983

Cosmic Ark (Imagic) 1982

Cosmic Commuter (Activision) 1985

Cosmic Corridor (Zimag) 1983

Cosmic Creeps (Telesys) 1982

Cosmic Swarm (CommaVid) 1982

Crackpots (Activision) 1983

Crash Dive (20th Century Fox) 1983

Crazy Climber (Atari) 1983

Cross Fire (Cross Force) (Spectravision) 1982

Cross Force (Spectravision) 1982

Crossbow (Activision) 1988

Crypts Of Chaos (20th Century Fox) 1983

Crystal Castles (Atari) 1984

Custer’s Revenge (Mystique/Playaround) 1982


Dark Cavern (M Network) 1982

Dark Chambers (Atari) 1988

Deadly Duck (20th Century Fox) 1982

Death Star Battle, Star Wars (Parker Brothers) 1983

Death Trap (Avalon Hill) 1983

Decathlon (Activision) 1983

Defender (Atari) 1982

Defender II [original title: Stargate] (Atari) 1984

Demolition Herby (Telesys) 1983

Demon Attack (Imagic) 1982

Demons to Diamonds (Atari) 1982

Desert Falcon (Atari) 1987

Dice Puzzle (Panda) 1983

Dig Dug (Atari) 1983

Dishaster (Zimag) 1983

Dodge ‘Em (Atari) 1980

Dolphin (Activision) 1983

Donkey Kong (Coleco) 1982

Donkey Kong Junior (Coleco) 1983

Double Dragon (Activision) 1989

Double Dunk (Atari) 1989

Dragonfire (Imagic) 1982

Dragonstomper (Starpath) 1982

Dragster (Activision) 1980


Earth Dies Screaming (20th Century Fox) 1983

EarthWorld, SwordQuest (Atari) 1982

Eggomania (U.S. Games) 1983

Eli’s Ladder (Simage) 1984

Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars (Parker Brothers) 1982

Encounter at L-5 (Data Age) 1982

Enduro (Activision) 1983

Entombed (U.S. Games) 1983

Escape From the Mindmaster (Starpath) 1982

Espial (Tigervision) 1984

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (Atari) 1982

Exocet (Panda) 1983

Extra Terrestrials (Skill Screen Games) 1984


Fantastic Voyage (20th Century Fox) 1982

Fast Eddie (20th Century Fox) 1982

Fast Food (Telesys) 1982

Fathom (Imagic) 1983

Final Approach (Apollo) 1982

Fire Fighter (Imagic) 1982

Fire Fly (Mythicon) 1983

Fireball (Starpath) 1982

FireWorld, SwordQuest (Atari) 1983

Fishing Derby (Activision) 1980

Flag Capture (Atari) 1978

Flash Gordon (20th Century Fox) 1983

Football (Atari) 1979

Football, RealSports (Atari) 1982

Football, Super (Atari) 1988

Football, Super Challenge (M Network) 1982

Frankenstein’s Monster (Data Age) 1983

Freeway (Activision) 1981

Frogger (Parker Brothers) 1982

Frogger (Starpath) 1983

Frogger II ThreeeDeep! (Parker Brothers) 1984

Frogs and Flies (M Network) 1982

Front Line (Coleco) 1984

Frostbite (Activision) 1983

Fun With Numbers [original title: Basic Math] (Atari) 1977


Galaxian (Atari) 1983

Game Of Concentration, A [original title: Hunt & Score] (Atari) 1978

GameLine (Control Video) 1983

Gamma-Attack (Gammation) 1983

Gangster Alley (Spectravision) 1982

Gargamel's Castle, Smurf: Rescue In (Coleco) 1983

Gas Hog (Spectravideo) 1984

Gauntlet (Answer Software) 1983

Ghost Manor (Xonox) 1983

Ghostbusters (Activision) 1985

G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike (Parker Brothers) 1983

Gigolo (PlayAround) 1983

Glacier Patrol (Telegames) 1989

Glib (Selchow & Righter) 1983

Golf (Atari) 1980

Gopher (U.S. Games) 1983

Gorf (CBS) 1982

Grand Prix (Activision) 1982

Gravitar (Atari) 1983

Great Escape (Bomb) 1983

Gremlins (Atari) 1984

Guardian (Apollo) 1982

Gyruss (Parker Brothers) 1984


Halloween (Wizard Video) 1983

Hangman (Atari) 1978

Harbor Escape (Panda) [Hack of River Raid.] 1982

Haunted House (Atari) 1982

H.E.R.O. (Activision) 1984

He-Man, Masters of the Universe (M Network) 1983

Home Run (Atari) 1978

Human Cannonball (Atari) 1979

Hunt & Score (Atari) 1978


I Want My Mommy (Zimag) 1983

Ice Hockey (Activision) 1981

Ikari Warriors (Atari) 1991

Indy 500 (Atari) 1977

Infiltrate (Apollo) 1982

International Soccer (M Network) 1982


James Bond 007 (Parker Brothers) 1984

Jawbreaker (Tigervision) 1982

Jedi Arena, Star Wars (Parker Brothers) 1983

Journey Escape (Data Age) 1983

Joust (Atari) 1983

Joyboard Controller with Mogul Maniac (Amiga) 1983

Jr. Pac-Man (Atari) 1986

Jungle Fever (PlayAround) 1983

Jungle Hunt (Atari) 1983


Kaboom! (Activision) 1981

Kangaroo (Atari) 1983

Karate (Ultravision) 1982

Keystone Kapers (Activision) 1983

Killer Satellites (Starpath) 1983

King Kong (Tigervision) 1982

Knight On The Town (PlayAround) 1983

Kool-Aid Man (M Network) 1983

Krull (Atari) 1983

Kung-Fu Master (Activision) 1987


Lady in Wading (PlayAround) 1983

Laser Blast (Activision) 1981

Laser Gates (Imagic) 1983

Lochjaw (Apollo) 1982

Lock ‘N’ Chase (M Network) 1982

London Blitz (Avalon Hill) 1983

Lost Caverns, Pitfall II (Activision) 1984

Lost Luggage (Apollo) 1982


M*A*S*H (20th Century Fox) 1983

M.A.D. (U.S. Games) 1983

Malagai (Answer Software) 1983

Mangia’ (Spectravideo) 1983

Marauder (Tigervision) 1982

Marine Wars (Konami) 1983

Mario Bros. (Atari) 1983

MASH (20th Century Fox) 1983

Master Builder (Spectravideo) 1983

Masters of the Universe - The Power of He-Man (M Network) 1983

Math Gran Prix (Atari) 1982

Maze Craze (Atari) 1980

Mega Force (20th Century Fox) 1982

Megamania (Activision) 1982

Midnight Magic (Atari) 1986

Millipede (Atari) 1984

Mindmaster, Escape From the (Starpath) 1982

Miner 2049er (Tigervision) 1983

Miner 2049er Volume II (Tigervision) 1984

Mines of Minos (CommaVid) 1982

Miniature Golf (Atari) 1979

Missile Command (Atari) 1981

Mogul Maniac (Amiga) 1983

Montezuma’s Revenge (Parker Brothers) 1984

Moon Patrol (Atari) 1983

Moonsweeper (Imagic) 1983

Motocross Racer (Xonox) 1984

MotoRodeo (Atari) 1991

Mountain King (CBS) 1983

Mouse Trap (Coleco) 1982

Mr. Do! (Coleco) 1983

Mr. Do!’s Castle (Parker Brothers) 1984

Ms. Pac-Man (Atari) 1983

Music Machine (Sparrow) 1983


Name This Game (U.S. Games) 1983

Nexar, The Challenge of (Spectravision) 1982

Night Driver (Atari) 1980

No Escape! (Imagic) 1983


Obelix (Atari) 1983

Off The Wall (Atari) 1989

Official Frogger (Starpath) 1983

Oink! (Activision) 1983

Olympics, Video (Atari) 1977

Omega Race (CBS) 1983

Oscar’s Trash Race (Atari) 1984

Othello (Atari) 1981

Out Of Control (Avalon Hill) 1984

Outlaw (Atari) 1978


Pac-Man (Atari) 1982

Pac-Man, Jr. (Atari) 1986

Pac-Man, Ms. (Atari) 1983

Party Mix (Starpath) 1983

Pelé’s Soccer [original title: Championship Soccer] (Atari) 1980

Pengo (Atari) 1984

Pete Rose Baseball (Absolute Entertainment) 1988

Phaser Patrol (Starpath) 1982

Philly Flasher (PlayAround) 1983

Phoenix (Atari) 1983

Picnic (U.S. Games) 1983

Piece O’ Cake (U.S. Games) 1983

Pigs in Space (Atari) 1983

[Pinball] Bumper Bash (Spectravideo) 1983

Pinball, Video (Atari) 1981

Pitfall! (Activision) 1982

Pitfall II: Lost Caverns (Activision) 1984

Planet Patrol (Spectravision) 1982

Planet of Zoom, Buck Rogers (Sega) 1983

Plaque Attack (Activision) 1983

Polaris (Tigervision) 1983

Pole Position (Atari) 1983

Pooyan (Konami) 1983

Popeye (Parker Brothers) 1983

Porky’s (20th Century Fox) 1983

Power of He-Man, Masters of the Universe (M Network) 1983

Pressure Cooker (Activision) 1983

Private Eye (Activision) 1984

Pro Wrestling, Title Match (Absolute Entertainment) 1987


Q*bert (Parker Brothers) 1983

Q*Bert’s Qubes (Parker Brothers) 1985

Quadrun (Atari) 1983

Quest for Quintana Roo (Sunrise Software) 1984

Quick Step (Imagic) 1983


Rabbit Transit (Starpath) 1983

Racquetball (Apollo) 1982

Radar Lock (Atari) 1989

Raft Rider (U.S. Games) 1983

Raiders of the Lost Ark (Atari) 1982

Ram It (Telesys) 1983

Rampage (Activision) 1989

Reactor (Parker Brothers) 1983

RealSports Baseball (Atari) 1982

RealSports Boxing (Atari) 1987

RealSports Football (Atari) 1982

RealSports Soccer (Atari) 1983

RealSports Tennis (Atari) 1983

RealSports Volleyball (Atari) 1982

Red Sea Crossing (Inspirational Video Concepts) 1983

Rescue In Gargamel's Castle (Coleco) 1983

Rescue Terra I (VentureVision) 1982

Return of the Jedi - Death Star Battle, Star Wars (Parker Brothers) 1983

Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes (20th Century Fox) 1983

Riddle of the Sphinx (Imagic) 1982

River Patrol (Tigervision) 1984

River Raid (Activision) 1982

River Raid II (Activision) 1988

Road Runner (Atari) 1989

Robin Hood (Xonox) 1984

Robot Tank (Activision) 1983

Roc’N Rope (Coleco) 1984

Room of Doom (CommaVid) 1982

Rubik’s Cube [original title: Atari Video Cube] (Atari) 1983


Screaming, The Earth Dies (20th Century Fox) 1983

Scuba Diver (Panda) 1983

Seahawk (Panda) 1983

Seaquest (Activision) 1983

Secret Quest (Atari) 1989

Sentinel (Atari) 1991

Sesame Street: Alpha Beam with Ernie (Atari) 1983

Sesame Street: Big Bird’s Egg Catch (Atari) 1983

Sesame Street: Cookie Monster Munch (Atari) 1983

Sesame Street: Oscar’s Trash Race (Atari) 1984

Shark Attack (Apollo) 1982

Shootin’ Gallery (Imagic) 1983

Shuttle Orbiter (Avalon Hill) 1984

Sir Lancelot (Xonox) 1984

Skate Boardin’ (Absolute Entertainment) 1988

Skeet Shoot (Apollo) 1981

Skiing (Activision) 1980

Sky Diver (Atari) 1979

Sky Jinks (Activision) 1982

Sky Skipper (Parker Brothers) 1983

Slot Machine (Atari) 1979

Slot Racers (Atari) 1978

Smurf: Rescue In Gargamel’s Castle (Coleco) 1983

Smurfs Save the Day With Kid Vid Voice Module (Coleco) 1983

[Snake] Sssnake (Data Age) 1982

Sneak’n Peek (U.S. Games) 1982

Snoopy and the Red Baron (Atari) 1983

Soccer, Championship [changed to Pelé’s Soccer] (Atari) 1980

Soccer, International (M Network) 1982

Soccer, RealSports (Atari) 1983

Solaris (Atari) 1986

Solar Fox (CBS) 1983

Solar Storm (Imagic) 1983

Sorcerer (Mythicon) 1983

Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Atari) 1983

Space Attack (M Network) 1982

Space Canyon (Panda) [Hack of Space Cavern.] 1982

Space Cavern (Apollo) 1982

Space Invaders (Atari) 1980

Space Jockey (U.S. Games) 1982

Space Shuttle (Activision) 1983

Space War (Atari) 1978

Spacechase (Apollo) 1982

Spacemaster X-7 (20th Century Fox) 1983

Spider Fighter (Activision) 1983

Spider-Man (Parker Brothers) 1982

Spike’s Peak (Xonox) 1983

Spitfire Attack (Milton Bradley) 1983

Springer (Tigervision) 1983

Sprintmaster (Atari) 1988

Spy Hunter (Sega) 1984

Squeeze Box (U.S. Games) 1983

Sssnake (Data Age) 1982

Stampede (Activision) 1981

Star Fox (Mythicon) 1983

[Star Master] Starmaster (Activision) 1982

Star Raiders (Atari) 1982

Star Ship (Atari) 1977

Star Strike (M Network) 1983

Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator (Sega) 1983

Star Voyager (Imagic) 1982

Star Wars: Jedi Arena (Parker Brothers) 1983

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - Death Star Battle (Parker Brothers) 1983

Star Wars: The Arcade Game (Parker Brothers) 1984

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Parker Brothers) 1982

Stargate (Atari) 1984

Stargunner (Telesys) 1983

Starmaster (Activision) 1982

Steeplechase (Sears) 1981

Stellar Track (Sears) 1981

Strategy X (Konami) 1983

Strawberry Shortcake Musical Match-Ups (Parker Brothers) 1983

Street Racer (Atari) 1977

Stronghold (CommaVid) 1983

Stuntman (Panda) 1983

Subterranea (Imagic) 1983

Sub-Scan (Sega) 1983

Submarine Commander (Sears) 1982

Suicide Mission (Starpath) 1982

Summer Games (Epyx) 1987

Super Baseball (Atari) 1988

Super Breakout (Atari) 1982

Super Breakout (Sears) 1981

Super Challenge Baseball (M Network) 1982

Super Challenge Football (M Network) 1982

Super Cobra (Parker Brothers) 1983

Super Football (Atari) 1988

Superman (Atari) 1979

Surround (Atari) 1977

Survival Island (Starpath) 1983

Survival Run (Milton Bradley) 1983

SwordQuest EarthWorld (Atari) 1982

SwordQuest FireWorld (Atari) 1983

SwordQuest WaterWorld (Atari) 1983

Sword of Saros (Starpath) 1983


Tac-Scan (Sega) 1983

Tank Brigade (Panda) [Hack of Tanks But No Tanks.] 1983

Tanks But No Tanks (Zimag) 1983

Tapeworm (Spectravision) 1982

Tapper (Sega) 1984

Tax Avoiders (American Videogame) 1986

Taz (Atari) 1984

Tennis (Activision) 1981

Tennis, RealSports (Atari) 1983

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Wizard Video) 1983

The Activision Decathlon (Activision) 1983

The Challenge of Nexar (Spectravision) 1982

The Earth Dies Screaming (20th Century Fox) 1983

The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars (Parker Brothers) 1982

The Music Machine (Sparrow) 1983

The Official Frogger (Starpath) 1983

The Power of He-Man, Masters of the Universe (M Network) 1983

Threshold (Tigervision) 1982

Thunderground (Sega) 1983

Tic-Tac-Toe, 3-D (Atari) 1980

Time Pilot (Coleco) 1983

Time Warp (Zellers) [Converted from PAL to NTSC]

Title Match Pro Wrestling (Absolute Entertainment) 1987

Tomarc The Barbarian (Xonox) 1984

Tomatoes, Revenge of the Beefsteak (20th Century Fox) 1983

Tomcat: The F-14 Flight Simulator (Absolute Entertainment) 1988

Tooth Protectors (Johnson & Johnson) 1983

Towering Inferno (U.S. Games) 1982

Track & Field (Atari) 1986

Trak-Ball Controller (Atari) 1983

Trash Race, Oscar’s (Atari) 1984

Trick Shot (Imagic) 1982

Tron, Adventures of (M Network) 1983

Tron Deadly Discs (M Network) 1983

Tunnel Runner (CBS) 1983

Turmoil (20th Century Fox) 1982

Tutankham (Parker Brothers) 1983


Universal Chaos (Telegames) 1989

Up ‘n Down (Sega) 1984


Vanguard (Atari) 1982

Venture (Coleco) 1982

Video Checkers (Atari) 1980

Video Chess (Atari) 1979

Video Jogger (Exus) 1983

Video Olympics (Atari) 1977

Video Pinball (Atari) 1981

Video Reflex (Exus) 1983

Volleyball, RealSports (Atari) 1982


Wabbit (Apollo) 1982

Wall Ball (Avalon Hill) 1983

Wall-Defender (Bomb) 1983

Warlords (Atari) 1981

Warplock (Data Age) 1982

WaterWorld, SwordQuest (Atari) 1983

Winter Games (Epyx) 1987

Wizard of Wor (CBS) 1982

Word Zapper (U.S. Games) 1982

Worm War I (20th Century Fox) 1982

Wrestling, Title Match Pro (Absolute Entertainment) 1987


X-Man (Universal Gamex) 1983

Xenophobe (Atari) 1991


Yars’ Revenge (Atari) 1982


Zaxxon (Coleco) 1983

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B Vitamins = Good

Some people appear to have a mental illness because they have a vitamin B deficiency. For example, the wife of a guy I used to chat with online had severe mood swings which seemed to be caused by food allergies or intolerances. She would became irrational, obnoxious, throw tantrums, and generally act like she had a mental illness. The horrid behavior stopped after she started taking a vitamin B complex. I've been taking Jarrow B-Right (#ad) for many years. It makes me much easier to live with.



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Negative Ions = Good

Negative ions are good for us. You might want to avoid positive ion generators and ozone generators. A plain old air cleaner is better than nothing, but one that produces negative ions makes the air in a room fresher and easier for me to breathe. It also helps to brighten my mood.



Litterbugs = Bad

Never litter. Toss it in the trash or take it home. Do not throw it on the ground. Also remember that good people clean up after themselves at home, out in public, at a campsite and so on. Leave it better than you found it.



Climate Change Cash Grab = Bad

Seems like more people than ever finally care about water, land, and air pollution, but the climate change cash grab scam is designed to put more of your money into the bank accounts of greedy politicians. Those power-hungry schemers try to trick us with bad data and lies about overpopulation while pretending to be caring do-gooders. Trying to eliminate pollution is a good thing, but the carbon footprint of the average law-abiding human right now is actually making the planet greener instead of killing it.


Eliminating farms and ranches, eating bugs, getting locked down in 15-minute cities, owning nothing, using digital currency (with expiration dates) that is tied to your social credit score, and paying higher taxes will not make things better and “save the Earth.” All that stuff is part of an agenda that has nothing to do with making the world a better place for the average person. It's all about control, depopulation, and making things better for the ultra-rich. They just want enough peasants left alive to keep things running smoothly.


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CO2 is Greening The Earth

The Climate Agenda



How to Wake Up Normies

Charlie Robinson had some good advice about waking up normies (see the link to the video below). He said instead of verbally unloading or being nasty or acting like a bully, ask the person a question. Being nice and asking a question will help the person actually think about the subject.


Interesting videos:

Charlie Robinson Talks About the Best Way to Wake Up Normies

Georgia Guidestones Explained

The Men Who Own Everything


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