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An unofficial map with large building numbers.

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I lived at the Retreat at McAlpine Creek for about a year. When I'd go out to pick up litter, sometimes visitors and delivery people would ask me where things were, so I thought I'd make a map that I could hand out that has large print building numbers so just about anyone of any age can read them without a problem. After working on it for about two months, I finally finished it, but I moved to a new place right after, so I never got to hand it out. I put it online so people could have a chance to use it if they want to. Click on the image below to see the large version.



Feel free to print out copies of the large version and hand them out to anyone who seems to need a map. This map was correct as of October of 2018. Things could change over time.





Voluntarily Cleaning Up Litter

When I lived at the Retreat at McAlpine Creek in 2018, I would take our garbage and recycling up in an old Radio Flyer Town & Country Wagon about every three days. I noticed a significant amount of litter on the way each time, so I put a small car trash can in the wagon (with a plastic bag in it) and started picking up litter on the way to the trash compactor. I pulled the wagon with one hand and had a Grabber in the other.


After taking the bags up one day, I decided to expand my area of litter clean-up and soon found out that I needed a larger trash can. I had a brown Rubbermaid or Rubbermaid-like container that was around 19 inches high, 10.5 Inches wide, and 15 inches deep that was similar to the average 9-gallon wastebasket, so I started using that. It fit in the wagon perfectly. Although the container was larger, I usually filled it up at least twice when doing a full round (picking up trash along all of the streets and the two swimming pools at the Retreat at McAlpine Creek). I didn't have the time or energy to do a full round most of the time, so I'd pick one section of the Retreat to clean up, then go back home. The one thing I never did was clean up dog poop. I left that job for employees of the Retreat when lazy, inconsiderate pet owners wouldn't pick it up themselves. When I lived at the Retreat, their pet waste stations were often out of bags or the cans were overflowing and very stinky. You might want to buy your own bags if you have a dog.


Some might say that no one should voluntarily clean up litter since everyone has to pay so much to stay at the Retreat at McAlpine Creek. The Retreat might eventually pay someone to go out and pick up litter every day, but I wasn't going to wait for it to happen. As it says in Litter in America: 2009 National Litter Research Findings and Recommendations by Keep America Beautiful, litter begets litter. People are more likely to litter when trash is already on the ground. I noticed over time that fewer people were littering after I went through an area, so it's true. It also seemed to me that people who don't litter would be more likely to move into a place that is free of litter. As more people who don't litter move in, there is less litter to pick up.


Now that I don't live there anymore, if you want to clean up litter yourself, do it at your own risk. When I lived at the Retreat at McAlpine Creek in 2018, there was drug-related litter and broken glass in certain areas. Speaking of broken glass, it seemed like drunk people were always smashing beer and wine bottles near the swimming pools, so I had a foldable dustpan with broom set in my wagon so I could quickly clean up any broken glass. Although I wore work gloves, I never picked up any litter with my hands. I used the grabbers or the broom with foldable dustpan.


I cleaned up the fenced in recycling area more than a few times and you might want to do the same thing. Although there were many recycling bins, most people would throw their recycling in the first three or four bins on the right side until the bins were overflowing. I started switching full or nearly full bins with empty bins and that seemed to eliminate the overflow problems. You just pull out a full or nearly full bin, replace it with an empty bin, then roll the full bin to where the empty bin was. It's a simple thing that makes the recycling area easier to use for the average person and keeps the place looking cleaner at the same time.


Remember, don't yell at or argue with any litterbugs. Many people will automatically stop littering after their area is cleaned up. There is a good chance that the druggies, the demoralized, and the dumbasses will litter no matter what you say or do, so cheerfully pick up the litter and move on. A person who doesn't get why littering is a bad thing is similar to a horse pooping in the middle of the street. Arguing with the horse isn't going to change anything, so shut up and grab a shovel.


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