Stop Forcing Animals to Perform

Animals should not be forced to entertain us.

Opinion page by Duane Alan Hahn.

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I can appreciate (to a certain degree) zoos and 'water zoos' that take good care of animals and let people view them in a large natural setting, but once you cram animals into small spaces or make the animals perform, it becomes sickening and you want to spread the word that animals should not be forced to entertain us. Animals should be treated humanely, even the ones people are going to eat.


Ideally, you'd raise your own free-range animals and kill them in a more humane way if you are going to eat meat. Life is murder and plants are alive. Whether you eat plants or animals, you are killing something so you can continue to live. It's a necessary evil. Strapping chickens to your feet and riding them around your backyard would be an unnecessary evil.


Kids need to learn that animals (and people) are not our personal playthings that we can abuse for our entertainment. If that sinks in, they might turn into kinder teens and good-hearted adults. When you refuse to take your kids to circuses that force enslaved animals to perform, you're doing them a favor, not punishing them.






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