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Stress Relief Toy

“Last One Lost” or “Last Mouse Lost” by FoxMind is supposed to be a game, but my adult sister likes popping it like bubble wrap for stress relief. It's kind of like having unlimited bubble wrap to pop. It's washable and there are no pieces to lose. All you do is ‘pop’ all of the bubbles, flip it over, then start over again with a fresh set of bubbles.

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Snap Circuits Jr.

Discovering the wonders of science and building cool electronics can be done in a snap with this exciting building kit. Winner of a Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Products award, Snap Circuits Jr. comes with easy-to-follow directions that help you snap together a variety of intriguing experiments. Create things like a dual-speed fan, periodic doorbell, photo sensor police siren, flashing laser light and more. Comes with over 30 easy-to-identify reusable color-coded parts and instructions.

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LEGO Mindstorms EV3

Create and command robots that do what you want with LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3! Create and command robots that walk, talk, think and do anything you can imagine. Follow the step-by-step 3D building instructions to create TRACK3R, R3PTAR, SPIK3R, EV3RSTORM and GRIPP3R and bring them to life with an easy, intuitive and icon-based programming interface. Grab the enclosed remote control and take on challenging ready-made missions or download the free app and command your robot using your smart device. Want to share your own creations and be inspired by others? Logon to to access loads of cool content and interact with a huge online community of other LEGO MINDSTORMS fans. The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robot revolution has begun!

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MakerBot 3D Printer

Start a revolution on your desk with a fast, easy, and affordable tool for making professional-quality models. Speed your way to demonstrations and presentations with settings that range from fast draft to finer resolution. Get smooth-to-the-touch surfaces that don't need sanding, finishing or post-production. Think and build bigger than ever as you create professional-quality, high-resolution prototypes and complex models. And print multiple things at once so you can get to work on your next design sooner. Save with low-cost consumables in beautiful solid and translucent colors. MakerBot PLA filament is a renewable bioplastic that sticks to the platform reliably with practically no peeling, curling, sliding or shrinking.


After these 3D printers become even cheaper, people who have the space and some extra cash will finally have a chance to buy their own. Amateur artists will be able to design original 3D CAD sculptures and then bring their creations to life in only a few hours in the privacy of their own homes. Families could let their imaginations run wild and create all kinds of things. Print out models for school projects, presents made with love such as knickknacks for mom and grandma, original toys straight out of little Timmy's imagination, and so much more.


Speaking of 3D printers, check out the dream I had about them in 2014.

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Affordable Robotic Telepresence With Arm and Gripper

ORIGIBOT is the world's first affordable telepresence robot with an articulated arm and gripper option. Connect from any device via secure connection. Not only do you get 2 way audio/video but also full control of its 5 degrees of movement!









Your Own Miniature Golf

The Putting Challenge Ultimate Edition has 72 electronically changing contours automatically created by a patented breakthrough technology.


For indoor use only (wall outlet required).


I hope they make a version of this technology for indoor miniature golf. It would be great to have the putting areas change shape from day to day. Imagine how much fun that would be and how much repeat business a miniature golf place like that would get.

#ad Learn more about the Putting Challenge Ultimate Edition at







Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture

The Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture is a high end, museum quality moving display that is ideal for offices, lobbies, waiting rooms, and conference rooms. Enjoy the relaxing effects of the swinging and circling aluminum rods that are almost a bit hypnotic to watch. This is the same decorative sculpture seen in the movie Iron Man 2 on Pepper Potts' desk. Swinging Sticks make an attractive addition to any office.

#ad Learn more about the Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture at







Voice Operated Light Control

Voice activated light switch control for your home and/or office with the affordable and easy to use IntelaVoice light switch from VOS Systems Inc. Have control over your lighting with just the command of your voice. The IntelaVoice light switch is a plug-in device added to your lamp's power cord and regulates the power to the lamp. By leaving your lamp to the "ON" position, plugging it into the IntelaVoice light switch, then into the power outlet, the IntelaVoice is able to control your lamp, and you are able to operate it with voice commands. They also have a Star Trek Voice Interface Module featuring authentic Star Trek sounds from the bridge.

Google: VOS Systems







Autonomous Robotic Fish

A robotic fish that can swim like a real fish and navigate by itself. When they eventually miniaturize this and make it look more realistic, I hope we'll be able to have an aquarium full of robotic tropical fish that we would never have to feed and the best thing is that we'd never have to clean the tank.

Google: Essex Robotic Fish







Your Favorite Atari 2600 Games on One Cart

Drop hundreds of your favorite Atari 2600 game files on an SD card, pop the card into the Harmony Cartridge, and you're ready to play games on your Atari 2600! You do have an Atari 2600, right? If not, #ad what are you waiting for?


Not only can you play all of your favorite games without dragging out a bunch of cartridges, you can also test your own games that you make the hard way or the easier way with batari Basic.

What is the Harmony Cartridge?








Quantum Teleportation is something to keep an eye on if you're interested in Star Trek style futuristic inventions. Most people didn't think that Quantum Teleportation was possible and now many are saying that it probably won't lead to a useful Star Trek type of teleporter, but they're making the same mistake again. If Quantum Teleportation was thought to be impossible, why make any more statements about the impossibility of anything else? With imagination and the ability to learn from past experiments, humans can learn do just about anything if given enough time.

Google: Experimental Quantum Teleportation - The Innsbruck Experiment








In Case You Didn't Know


B Vitamins = Good

Some people appear to have a mental illness because they have a vitamin B deficiency. For example, the wife of a guy I used to chat with online had severe mood swings which seemed to be caused by food allergies or intolerances. She would became irrational, obnoxious, throw tantrums, and generally act like she had a mental illness. The horrid behavior stopped after she started taking a vitamin B complex. I've been taking #ad Jarrow B-Right for many years. It makes me much easier to live with.



Soy = Bad

Unfermented soy is bad! “When she stopped eating soy, the mental problems went away.” Fermented soy doesn't bother me, but the various versions of unfermented soy (soy flour, soybean oil, and so on) that are used in all kinds of products these days causes a negative mental health reaction in me that a vitamin B complex can't tame. The sinister encroachment of soy has made the careful reading of ingredients a necessity.



Wheat = Bad

If you are overweight, have type II diabetes, or are worried about the condition of your heart, check out the videos by William Davis and Ivor Cummins. It seems that most people should avoid wheat, not just those who have a wheat allergy or celiac disease. Check out these books: #ad Undoctored, #ad Wheat Belly, and #ad Eat Rich, Live Long.



Negative Ions = Good

Negative ions are good for us. You might want to avoid positive ion generators and ozone generators. Whenever I need a new air cleaner (with negative ion generator), I buy it from A plain old air cleaner is better than nothing, but one that produces negative ions makes the air in a room fresher and easier for me to breathe. It also helps to brighten my mood.



Litterbugs = Bad

Never litter. Toss it in the trash or take it home. Do not throw it on the ground. Also remember that good people clean up after themselves at home, out in public, at a campsite and so on. Leave it better than you found it.



Climate Change Cash Grab = Bad

Seems like more people than ever finally care about water, land, and air pollution, but the climate change cash grab scam is designed to put more of your money into the bank accounts of greedy politicians. Those power-hungry schemers try to trick us with bad data and lies about overpopulation while pretending to be caring do-gooders. Trying to eliminate pollution is a good thing, but the carbon footprint of the average law-abiding human right now is actually making the planet greener instead of killing it.


Watch these two YouTube videos for more information:

CO2 is Greening The Earth

The Climate Agenda



Hýdrø╳ýçhlørøqúîñé = Good

Take a look at my page called The H Word and Beyond. You might also want to look at my page called Zinc and Quercetin. My sister and I started taking those two supplements near the end of 2020 in the hopes that they would scare away the flu and other viruses.



Mondo Condo by Ned Greene

Mondo Condo by Ned Greene

Courtesy of Paul Heckbert

I first saw this poster in the June 1984 issue of K-Power magazine

(pages 28/29)


Interesting Article

Physicists Have 'Solved' Mystery of Levitation

Their discovery could ultimately lead to frictionless micro-machines with moving parts that levitate But they say that, in principle at least, the same effect could be used to levitate bigger objects too, even a person.


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