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“Don’t Wanna Fall In Love” by Jane Child

Real love makes you more of who you really are. Fake love intoxicates you and makes you less than you really are, impairs your consciousness. That's their main differences.


Love is shown in your deeds, not in your words.

Fr. Jerome Cummings

It is only when we no longer compulsively need someone that we can have a real relationship with them.

Anthony Storr

Most people enter into relationships with an eye toward what they can get out of them, rather than what they can put into them.

The purpose of a relationship is to decide what part of yourself you'd like to see “show up,” not what part of another you can capture and hold.

The purpose of a relationship is not to have another who might complete you; but to have another with whom you might share your completeness.

God from Conversations with God (Book 1) (#ad) through Neale Donald Walsch (adapted)

You are complete. You can share yourself with others and enjoy their company, but if they leave for whatever reason, you will be OK because you have always been everything you need.

Duane Alan Hahn

Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves, without any insistence that they satisfy you.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

The two words ‘love’ and ‘peace’ mean the same in our world as in your world but the vibration (or feeling) is experienced differently. It gives you peace, with peace you can then love, and love is necessary for the evolution of all the beings on this planet. It is also necessary for raising the level of consciousness and the collective consciousness of this universe.

The Council of Nine (Tom) from The Only Planet of Choice by Phyllis V. Schlemmer

It doesn't matter what the other is being, doing, having, saying, wanting, demanding. It doesn't matter what the other is thinking, expecting, planning. It only matters what you are being in relationship to that.

The most loving person is the person who is Self-centered.

God from Conversations with God (Book 1) (#ad) through Neale Donald Walsch (adapted)

Well-ordered self-love is right and natural.

St. Thomas Aquinas

You will find, as you look back upon your life, that the moments when you really lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love.

Henry Drummond

The greatest weakness of most humans is their hesitancy to tell others how much they love them while they're still alive.

Orlando A. Battista

Do not keep the alabaster boxes of your love and tenderness sealed up until your friends are dead. Fill their lives with sweetness, speak cheering words while their ears can hear, and while their hearts can be thrilled and made happier by them.

Williams Childs

The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.

Anthony Robbins

For many people, it seems sex is the main motivation for doing anything. If they're in a band, it's not about making uplifting music, it's about getting as much sex as possible. If they attempt to become rich, it's not because they want more control over their own lives and want to give millions of dollars to their favorite charities, it's because they want the best sex money can buy. People even judge their own lives and the lives of others by how much sex they've gotten lately. If prowling for sex in bars and other places is at the top of your list of what is most important in life, you might want to reexamine your priorities.

A seemingly thoughtless life on automatic crotch cruise control seems like such a waste when there are so many things we can do to help make this world a better place for everyone. There's nothing wrong with sex, but humans need to break out of the primitive mind-set that the main goal for doing anything is to obtain sex if each one of us wants to personally evolve to another level where we do things because it's the right thing to do for ourselves and the greater good.

Duane Alan Hahn

Throw the water of reason and control on the flames of desire and breathe in the smoke of ache that oddly comforts.

Duane Alan Hahn

If I hold you, I can't behold you. Sometimes love is better at a distance.

Duane Alan Hahn

Assumptions are the termites of relationships.

Henry Winkler

You can't put a price tag on love, but you can on all its accessories.

Melanie Clark

Love is the word used to label the sexual excitement of the young, the habituation of the middle-aged, and the mutual dependence of the old.

John Ciardi

Relationships based on obligation lack dignity.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

People love others not for who they are, but for how they make them feel.

Irwin Federman

Nick: Yeah, II'm sorry, there seems to be a really fine line here between, uh peddling marriage and peddling flesh.

Chloe Daniels: When is marriage anything else?

Brass: Nick is, uh…he's an old-fashioned guy.

Chloe Daniels: Really? (laughs) Well, what do you think engagement rings are? Just proof that a man can pay for his bride. Look, a caveman would go steal a woman from a neighboring clan. He'd tie her hands and her feet 'till she wouldn't run away. Once she'd stay put, he would only tie her finger, just to remind her.

Brass: So you're a romantic.

Chloe Daniels: Marriage is not romance. It's a contract with the state. It's an investment in your future. I'm not making it about money, it just is.

From the TV show “CSI” (Nesting Dolls)

For all those men who say, “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free,” here's an update for you. Nowadays 80% of women are against marriage. Why? Because women realize its not worth buying an entire pig, just to get a little sausage.


I don't like sausage and I don't like fish, but I won't mind if you blow me a kiss.

Duane Alan Hahn [2014y_02m_05d]


In Case You Didn't Know


Trump's Jab = Bad

Did you know that Trump's rushed Operation Warp Speed rona jab has less than one percent overall benefit? Some people call it the depopulation jab and it has many possible horrible side effects (depending on the lot number, concentration, and if it was kept cold). Remember when many Democrats were against Trump's Operation Warp Speed depopulation jab, then they quickly changed their minds when Biden flip-flopped and started pushing it?


Some brainwashed rona jab cultists claim that there are no victims of the jab, but person after person will post what the jab did to them, a friend, or a family member on web sites such as Facebook and they'll be lucky if they don't get banned soon after. Posting the truth is “misinformation” don't you know. Awakened sheep might turn into lions, so powerful people will do just about anything to keep the sheep from waking up.


Check out these videos:

If You Got the COVID Shot and Aren't Injured, This May Be Why

Thought Experiment: What Happens After the Jab?

The Truth About Polio and Vaccines

What Is Causing the Mysterious Self-Assembling Non-Organic Clots and Sudden Deaths?

Full Video of Tennessee House of Representatives Health Subcommittee Hearing Room 2 (The Doctors Start Talking at 33:28)



H Word and I Word = Good

Take a look at my page about the famous demonized medicines called The H Word and Beyond. You might also want to look at my page called Zinc and Quercetin. My sister and I have been taking zinc and quercetin since the summer of 2020 in the hopes that they would scare away the flu and other viruses (or at least make them less severe). Here's one more page to check out: My Sister's Experiences With COVID-19.



B Vitamins = Good

Some people appear to have a mental illness because they have a vitamin B deficiency. For example, the wife of a guy I used to chat with online had severe mood swings which seemed to be caused by food allergies or intolerances. She would became irrational, obnoxious, throw tantrums, and generally act like she had a mental illness. The horrid behavior stopped after she started taking a vitamin B complex. I've been taking Jarrow B-Right (#ad) for many years. It makes me much easier to live with.



Soy = Bad

Unfermented soy is bad! “When she stopped eating soy, the mental problems went away.” Fermented soy doesn't bother me, but the various versions of unfermented soy (soy flour, soybean oil, and so on) that are used in all kinds of products these days causes a negative mental health reaction in me that a vitamin B complex can't tame. The sinister encroachment of soy has made the careful reading of ingredients a necessity.



Wheat = Bad

If you are overweight, have type II diabetes, or are worried about the condition of your heart, check out the videos by Ken D Berry, William Davis, and Ivor Cummins. It seems that most people should avoid wheat, not just those who have a wheat allergy or celiac disease. Check out these books: Undoctored (#ad), Wheat Belly (#ad), and Eat Rich, Live Long (#ad).



Negative Ions = Good

Negative ions are good for us. You might want to avoid positive ion generators and ozone generators. A plain old air cleaner is better than nothing, but one that produces negative ions makes the air in a room fresher and easier for me to breathe. It also helps to brighten my mood.



Litterbugs = Bad

Never litter. Toss it in the trash or take it home. Do not throw it on the ground. Also remember that good people clean up after themselves at home, out in public, at a campsite and so on. Leave it better than you found it.



Climate Change Cash Grab = Bad

Seems like more people than ever finally care about water, land, and air pollution, but the climate change cash grab scam is designed to put more of your money into the bank accounts of greedy politicians. Those power-hungry schemers try to trick us with bad data and lies about overpopulation while pretending to be caring do-gooders. Trying to eliminate pollution is a good thing, but the carbon footprint of the average law-abiding human right now is actually making the planet greener instead of killing it.


Eliminating farms and ranches, eating bugs, getting locked down in 15-minute cities, owning nothing, using digital currency (with expiration dates) that is tied to your social credit score, and paying higher taxes will not make things better and “save the Earth.” All that stuff is part of an agenda that has nothing to do with making the world a better place for the average person. It's all about control, depopulation, and making things better for the ultra-rich. They just want enough peasants left alive to keep things running smoothly.


Watch these two videos for more information:

CO2 is Greening The Earth

The Climate Agenda



How to Wake Up Normies

Charlie Robinson had some good advice about waking up normies (see the link to the video below). He said instead of verbally unloading or being nasty or acting like a bully, ask the person a question. Being nice and asking a question will help the person actually think about the subject.


Interesting videos:

Charlie Robinson Talks About the Best Way to Wake Up Normies

Georgia Guidestones Explained

The Men Who Own Everything



Opinion by Duane Alan Hahn

The Propinquity Effect

Being near someone repeatedly can make a person think that he or she has fallen in love, but it's just an illusion. Propinquity is why a husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend will cheat with someone at work, why a husband will cheat with a nanny or housekeeper, and why an actor will sleep with a co-star or a director. Propinquity is a powerful force, but we must find ways to short-circuit the familiarity and exposure if we wish to be free.

Make a great big mess with togetherness. Togetherness! The people trap.

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Interesting Subjects

5 Ways Modern Men Are Trained to Hate Women

The Gift of Fear/The Curse of Anxiety

Wikipedia: The Gift of Fear

How to Spot a Sociopath

Sanpaku Eyes

White on the bottom, the bad vibe's got 'em. White on the top, they're a crackpot. According to the Internet, when looking straight ahead with a normal gaze, if the white of the eye is showing on the bottom, the person will probably have a bad end. If white is showing at the top, the person is probably a dangerous psychopath.


Amazon Books


Tattoo Alternatives

Instead of getting a dingy-looking real tattoo that you'll regret in the future and end up spending thousands of dollars to have removed, how about getting a temporary tattoo instead? Temporary tattoos are more colorful, they last up to 5 days and there's no regret. Try different ones or design your own. You could even wear a different temporary tattoo for every special occasion and holiday if you wanted to.


Stick On Tattoos

Learn how to make your own temporary tattoos using an inkjet or laser printer. Just create your graphics using your favorite program and print it on temporary tattoo paper. A great way to create custom temporary tattoos for parties.

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