Robo Chess at Random Terrain

Play chess with a talking robot.

A free online single-player game from

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Note: When you want to move your king, you'll probably need to click outside of the shape of the king, but within the square it's in, or your click will not register. It's a very strange bug, but there's nothing I can do about it since I didn't make the game. Speaking of bugs, one time when I was playing and the robot's king was in check, the game quit working. Except for the king activation bug, Robo Chess seems to work perfectly most of the time, so I hope you won't have any trouble. If you do have any problems, contact and ask them to fix the game because I can't fix any bugs since I didn't make Robo Chess.



When you finish playing this game, check out the other free online games here at before you leave. You might find another game you'll want to play later.





About Robo Chess

This is a normal-style chess game where you play against an intelligent talking robot. Use your mouse to click on one of the white chess pieces and the robot will show your legal moves, except for squares occupied by his pieces (the robot isn't stupid enough to show you legal attack moves). After activating one of your pieces, click where you want to move it. If you don't want to move a piece after activating it, just click on another piece that you would like to move. The robot will take his turn almost immediately after you. There's no waiting around in this game, which is great if you want to play a quick game of chess. You can take all the time you want, though. There seems to be no time limit. This game does not have an undo feature, so be careful.


This game isn't perfect, but it's still pretty good. I have been searching on and off over the years for a free browser-based online one-player chess game and this is the best and only one I have found so far.




No Mute Button

There doesn't seem to be a mute button, so if the talking robot starts to get on your nerves, you'll have to turn down your speakers or use your computer's mute feature if it has one.




End of the Game

When the game ends, there is no big announcement. You'll see a message on the right side of the board.




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Play this game at your own risk. If you swallow your tongue or develop anal leakage, I am not responsible. Do not play this game while driving or juggling flaming bowling balls.


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