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Edge Brownie Pan

They finally made the pan I have been wanting for years! It gives your brownies two crunchy edges on each serving and also improves baking by circulating the heat to the pan's middle- the part that always takes the longest to cook. At 9 x 12 x 2, it is the perfect size for most boxed brownies and for homemade recipes as well. Made of cast aluminum with a quality nonstick coating, it is sure to last through years of brownie making. The Bakers Edge Brownie Pan has received raves from magazines, newspapers and TV shows including The CBS Early Show, and Martha Stewart.


Each pan is individually packed and includes a gourmet recipe insert and a nylon spatula.







Muffin Top Pan

Another pan we have been waiting for all of our lives! Eat the tops of cupcakes without the guilt of throwing the rest away! No 'stumps', just the crusty, delicious tops.


Chicago Metallic Gormetware was featured in Cook's Illustrated Resources. The pans are non-stick steel that have been especially designed for home bakers.







Flat Fold Colander

The Flat Fold Colander is a great addition to any kitchen. It is a full-sized strainer that can help you with all your fruit, vegetable, and pasta needs. The Flat Fold Colander is made of a strong food grade polymer, so it can handle just about anything you can throw at it and it's large enough to hold up to five pounds of potatoes. It also has a built-in pour spout to help you eliminate spills.


The Flat Fold Colander takes up so little space that you might want to buy two or three for those days when you need to use more than one colander at a time.





V-Slicer Plus

The affordable Swissmar Borner V-Slicer Plus is made of rugged plastic, with German surgical-steel blades.







One Click Butter Cutter

The One Click Butter Cutter is a must for many kitchens! It is a butter dish and slicer all in one. It holds a whole stick of butter or margarine, takes up less space in your refrigerator and is easily cleaned in the dishwasher or in warm water. And for the calorie conscious it gives you a 35 calorie slice each time.


Just think, easily squeeze off a slice BEFORE your muffin or biscuit gets cold! Or drop a pat on your hot ear of corn. What a neat invention! No greasy tubs or butter dishes complete with crumbs and food particles. Many families have a person who always complains if you do the "swipe a thin strip off the top" maneuver. This will eliminate arguments of that sort. And you really can cut an entire stick of butter in under a minute for entertaining.


Some users say that the One Click Butter Cutter is great for arthritis and carpal tunnel sufferers. It was also listed in 2007 as a helpful product for the visually impaired.

One Click Butter Cutter Web Site







Brawny Paper Towels

I haven't tried every kind of paper towel out there, but of the ones I have tried over the years, the Brawny Pick-A-Size paper towels are the best. They are pretty strong, you can use a smaller size so you don't waste as much, and they don't stink like so many other paper towels. There are a lot of paper towels out there that smell like raw eggs, wet dog, or corn chips. How can you trust a paper towel that smells nasty?






Hydrofracking is Evil

Visit to learn why hydrofracking is bad for you, your family, your friends, and the environment.

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