E.T. Manual and Tips Sheet Scans

For the Atari 2600 game.

Manual and tips sheet scanned in by Duane Alan Hahn.

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How to Get Out of the Wells

Below is an iframe that will display pages from the tips sheet and manual that came with the game. Just click on a link and the page will pop up in the iframe. You can also move to the next image by clicking on the current image or the 'next' link below it.


The tips sheet and manual scans that I made are large in file size, so if you have a slow connection, they will take a while to load. You may want to check out the text version of the manual and tips sheet at AtariAge instead. The manual contains some errors, so you might want to check out the DP E.T. Easter Egg and Bug Page for the correct information.


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A Round of E.T. from Start to Finish

It says on page 7 of the manual that if E.T. collects more than 31 candy pieces, he'll get 1,000 points for every additional piece and lose 700 energy units in the next round for each candy piece collected after the 31st piece. The number 31 was a misprint. The correct number is 21 (and that's not the only thing they got wrong). It's rare to ever get more than 31 candy pieces and if that happens, you'll get Ninja E.T. in the next round and strange symbols in the energy count as you first start to walk around. The symbols eventually go away.


Besides looking at the tips sheet and manual below, be sure to check out my Tips and Reminders page. There's a lot of useful information on that page that you won't find below.





Tips Sheet Scans

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Manual Scans

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